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Brewing pumpkin ale

Now iam curius. Gonna brew a pumpkin ale this wedness day or saturday. Got some extra days off this week. Been brewing pumpkin ale before. But never used fresh pumpkin. Before. Did use canned pumpkin. This time fresh pumpkin. So the restaurant at my work gonna roast it for me. Question i do scoop the meat out put it in a meshbag. And steep. Separte for 45 min . Once done add them to the grain mash. The liqued. Or the compleet meat of the pumpkin and let them sit together with the grains .plan to you the kveik yeast as well

I mash the pumpkins WITH the grain.
Gotta ask tho… Where do you get fresh pumpkin from in August? Esp in your neighborhood?

I’d be curious how kveik does with pumpkin. Orange and pumpkin…

Did find it a the chinees store. Local grow he did say. They do eat lots of pumpkin soup here. Till so far me happy with results of the kveik yeast here

Done roasting and scoop the pumpkin out. Geeting ready for friday brewing session. Tomorow pick up new beer supply at the custom office.

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