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Brewing goals for 2017

My goals for 2017 is to brew great beer enter some competition bring home some memories and make new friends and maybe award or two. What’s everyone else’s brewing goals for 2017

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I’d like to enter the weird world of lager, keep a good pipeline going, perfect a house IPA I’m happy with, and buy less commercial craft beer.


Upgrade to 10 gal batches, perfect the house brew, and find out exactly how long it takes to brew 200 gallons…plus or minus

I’m going to keep doing the same old thing. Learn how to brew better beer and different styles whether they are all extract or partial mash.

edit: Post sounded pretty self centered. I will also continue trying to offer useful information for other brewers to use.

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Electric brewing system and a brew room without a washer and dryer in it… Then… hhhhmmmmm Sneezles61

What you don’t like recycling you wort chiller water for laundry lol.

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Continue to improve on my brewing processes so that I can be consistent. I have enjoyed learning how to brew but have not always been satisfied with the outcomes. Feel they can be better.

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Its more of the mash put in the washer on a spin cycle, I end up with grain chunks in me trousers! Sneezles61

Not that I know/do but with a 10/15 gallon system not long.

Makes a nice warm water pre soak

Wish I didn’t hear that

^^^^^:dizzy_face: Sneezles61

I guess I will be doing alot of 3gallon recipes and sours I have in my head. I need the room. I’ll still do the tried and true in the 10 gallon format.

Chest freezer and a manifold.

Hahaha nothing wrong with a little dough-in your pocket lol:grinning:


I want to get my brew room(aka the garage) cleaned up and better organized. Also I want to brew more.

I need to do a better job of using hard-to-get yeast cultures that I pick up when they become available, and then just sit in my fridge. Luckily a lot of these have long shelf lives, but still…

Perfect a bdsa…a bgsa…and a house IPA.

Brew more often, get into kegging, and build up a nice stock so I don’t have to buy brews from the store as often (or ever).

My goal this year is to get all my equipment together give it a good clean and start brewing again. I was laid off in 2011 and quit brewing and went back to school. I didn’t have the time or extra money to continue at that time. Now I am established at a new employment. It is time to dust off the recipe book. I think I will start with my honeyweis and a classic English ale they were always a favorite.

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