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Brewing fruit beers

I was reading a recipe for brewing a fresh drinking beer with fruit. I’ve used fruit in beers often mostly in sour or robust Porters. I always rack to the fruit in a secondary my thinking was to get it off the yeast and the additional oxygen I might get would help restart fermentation which I think is true. Another benefit the author mentions is the vigorous primary fermenation may drive off aromas. That makes sense. The thing I’m wondering about is they say add pectic enzyme for clarity although they don’t say when to add it either at the start of the secondary fermenation or to the keg or bottling bucket. Anyone have any ideas?

How about this… If pectin is used to “clarify” stuff… Would you use it just like gelatin?

Well it’s pectic enzyme gelatin is something different

Yes I understand that… Did more reading… Seems pectin needs sugar to gel…

The very first Kriek I ever made is still the best. I think I rushed the process and I was impatient and the cherry stood out the best as a result.
I have been making batches of kombucha where I use fruit juice as the priming sugar and even those have best fruit taste than most of my fruit beers.
So I am now mostly in favor of the fruit getting into the bottle or keg as soon as possible.

I found a good answer here When To Add Pectic Enzyme To Your Wine! - Wine Making and Beer Brewing Blog - Adventures in Homebrewing
Not only does it explain when but the why. Good article

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Thank you Brew Cat!

I use the fruit purees that come in the can because they are super convenient and work great. Depends on the fruit, but I generally take a bit out to use for fruit syrup for pancakes. Sometimes the whole can is too much. And I don’t wait until secondary to do it. Once primary foam drops, it goes in and then the foam starts back up. Once that foam falls and the bubbling in the lock slows it goes to secondary. Works much better than doing it in secondary and you get a lot less sediment and more beer because of that! My Apricot Honey Ale is awesome! And the fact that it goes in after primary has crashed means that the fruit flavor does not disappear at all.

I don’t use pectic enzyme.

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Primary vs secondary for me and fruit has more to do with aging. For example, if one is going to make a lambic style beer adding fruit to the secondary increases contact time during the lengthy aging time and IMO you get better results. I personally think that some fruit cloudiness heightens the fruit flavor profile. Anything Fouder-esque /oak aged and sour works better in the secondary as well IMO.

I agree I haven’t used pectic enzyme in my fruit beer which have only been sours and actually like haze in the presentation. I was wondering more about a beer that one would want clear

My sour rose’


I prefer jam over jelly as well.

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