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Brewing for the first time

I brewing for the first time I just got the small batch go pro kit since I lost my other kit in the great flood of Louisiana here is my question I forgot to put water in the airlock it been about 24 hours since I putted in the closet.

If you didn’t already, add water to the airlock. It’s very likely that nothing bad has made it into the fermenter over the last 24 hours.


Use spirits or stars an in the airlock to be safe

Thanks brew_cat I did use the star cleaner that come with the kit and after I add water to the airlock.

Thanks smallbatchbrewer for the help I did go and head and add the water to the airlock.

Did the Go Pro™ Small Batch Beer Brewing Kit (link) come with Easy Clean (link) which is a general purpose cleaner.

or with Star San (link) which is a no rinse sanitizer

When I got my gallon kit (as a gift) a couple of years back, it came with Easy Clean, not with Star San or PBW (link).

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It come with the easy cleaner but I had some of the star cleaner it the only thing that didn’t get ruined in the flood since I had it in a cabinet.

I agree with the spirits. That’s all I use , I’ve always got a bottle of rum or gin or something that I’m never going to drink. And if it sucks a little back in the fermenter no harm.

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Me do use. Cheap vodka. For my airlock. Why not use a blowover hose as well for the first 7 to 10 days. Of active fermenting.

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Vodka wouldn’t last at my house.

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