Brewing beers and storing months in advance

hello all, so im on a fitness journey and abstaining from beer for a few months, anyway i really miss brewing and my genius plan is to brew up a bunch of beers that can benefit from aging like sours, tripels, strong stouts etc and package them up and let them age in the bottle at cellar temps for 3-4 months then into cold storage, id like to have a surplus of beers from halloween thru christmas , id also like to brew some lagers like pils,schwartzbier, and my reason for making this post is to ask you all how long these types of lagers can store being they are lower alcohol and if i brewed these now and kept them very cold would they survive until the holidays or be a mess? thanks

Lagers for sure can tolerate some significant storage. Historically Oktoberfest would be stored from March or April until September /October timeframe in caves(thus the German term ‘lagern’)so I think with the right yeast and storage temps you should be fine.

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thanks for your input

Make a Kriek I have a 3 and 4 year old Kriek that are at their peak. A year in they were pretty good too.

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actually i brewed a sour last weekend but gonna add apricot not cherry, but i like the way you think

What yeast/bacteria did you use?

wyeast lambic blend 3278