Brewing and Football

I agree things have gotten hand but @voodoo_donut is correct when you look at bang for your buck value. Going to Foo Fighters this summer- won’t even tell you how much I paid just to get in the gates and get a decent seat where the band won’t look like ants on a stage.
And I think it’s where we’ll be going. There will be no more cable. If you have a favorite show you’ll need to purchase their App, whether it be the peacock, the Discovery, history, etc. In some manners it will be better as your not paying for channels you never watch but in other ways you may never know what you’re missing on other ‘channels’

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Its the way of the future. I signed up for Hulu+, prime, and peacock for a couple months during football then cancel. The rest of the time I watch Tubi or go to a matine movie. Hulu is the most expensive but it’s a months worth of entertainment. Or go out to dinner once a month for the same money

I can watch today! (:
Edit: and today as well! Sure having fun in Buffalo… throwing snow!


Well, my Stillers played like they didn’t deserve to be there, which is about what I expected. Speaking of NFL, has anyone watched Quarterback on Netflix? It has been pretty fascinating to watch.


I have not watched it. Been some good games and some real poor games. Let’s see what Tampa and Philly brings.

@loopie_beer , now that(Foo Fighters)is one of the few acts I would pay top dollar to see. Dave Grohl is one of my favorites. And like you, we still do go to the occasional concert, another couple went with us to see Elvis Costello and the imposters in Clearwater Florida just last week. Elvis is King.


Nothing beats live music. Your favorite artist live… nothing better.


Good games this W/E… only 3 left… then.

Looking forward to this weekend. Hate to hate the Chiefs but the Taylor Swift stuff was just overbearing this weekend. Can’t see myself stomaching a Super Bowl with them showing her more than the actual game play.

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Yeah, a circus style sideshow…

my wife will root for the chiefs I’ll root for Purdy. I had him for my QB and won my league so I’ll stick with him. You know the SB is always televised with distractions. I’d rather see Swift doing the half time show. I cant say I’m a Taylor swift fan myself but she is a pop phenom and thats what will get people to tune in. Could be worse.

Like a good percentage of peeps apparently , I went to bed Sunday night (had to get up early), thinking the Lions were going to coast to the victory. :flushed:

Supposedly Taylor Swift (my neighbor says she looks like a doll) made the Chiefs and NFL $330 million so I guess we should get used to having to watch her rather than the game.

Games now days start with some idiot with a mic butchering our nation anthem and fireworks with inflatable arches as the teams come out. In the middle of the game the coaches are forced to talk to media people like they have nothing else to do at that moment. Half time used to be marching bands. Now it is another idiot with a mic “singing” something I can do without. End of rant

That stuff doesn’t bother me. I’m just hoping i don’t have to watch the officials vying for camera time😭

The human element… Football has changed, as many things else has… remember when it was played out of doors… tough peeps! Now doing more inside, controlled environment…
Get rid of marching bands, put some raucous rock toons in the mix… what would you call the style of toons now… reserved? Zoom the cameras over to another new icon to distract/add to the capital gain…
Where the money is, is where the game will go… oh… /:

And now…
For something completely different…
No football was the the idea…

well I’m sure everyone is happy now since they had the marching band at the super bowl. I thought the show was clever with all the nods to former acts, I didnt realize it until he tagged Micheal Jackson which was pretty obvious.

HER did provide a guitar piece…

Not the worst halftime show I’ve seen, but certainly not the best, simply OK. I even recognized one song!

And a streaker! (Apparently)