Brewing and Football

Well then Kelce sed wat? Who was that statement directed to?

Well…… a tight, hard-fought game, but no joy in Mudville(Cincy). The Bengals take a step backwards compared to the previous season….

Smart money is likely going to be on the Eagles for this one.

First game was painful to watch second game was great. Mahomes playing tough but really kind of anticlimactic because of the sour taste from the referee. I must admit I didn’t care much who won just like a good game without controversy.

Hoping the Super Bowl is a good contest now…

K… Eagles went down without a hitch…
See what the Chiefs have…
EDIT: I wonder how much Fender forked out for that logo shot while C.S. sang?
And another EDIT: Chiefs walked right down too… High scoring, past paced game?
And it’s a wrap….

Without a hitch? Really? That was a great/close game that would have had a completely different result minus one bad play.
That millers/coors ad that ended up being a blue moon ad the end. :roll_eyes:

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I was referring to their first series at kick off…
Yeah, that last flag was a weenie wanker… but you can’t change yesterday…
I was routing for the Eagles…. I was a good game.

I haven’t watched a super bowl since the Giants last played, so it was a fun to have the whole house to myself and a good game.

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Shouldn’t have called holding it was to good of a game to end that way. There was a little jersey grab but anyone watching the game saw plenty of stuff not get called. They still would have went up but eagles would get the ball with time on the clock. Refs turned a classic into a dud. By the way i was rooting for KC

Oh and Terry Bradshaw ? WTF

Eagles fans showed class as usual :roll_eyes:

He sounded like he was drunk.

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I didn’t see the post game stuff…
Yeah there were alot of missed calls, even think the talking heads did make some comments about the refs allowing the players to play the game… wasn’t much of any mean spirited stuff. Half time was one big lead sinker. But then I love a guitar driven music experience…

Not the type of music I generally listen to but I enjoyed it. You have to admit she has talent

Probably but he’s a jerk when sober as well. Im waiting for Strahan to deck him some day but Michael has class so may not happen

To be asked to preform for the superbowl sez it all…. There will not be a wanna be, preforming.
I like Stahans demeanor.

Sad time, Vikes are trading off good talent… The great Bud Grant couldn’t stand the BS… and passed away…

Any one watching stadium FB?

Nah, but I did watch the NFL draft(first round night). Mostly moved on to baseball now ….

Nah I’ve cancelled my TV subscription for the warmer months since I dont watch when the weather is nice. I do watch movies on Tubi though its free and they have great movies just need to watch a couple commercials. The commercials are targeted to your area because your streaming which actually is better