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Brewing an Anchor Steam Clone - BYO Magazine December 2014

If you would like the recipe for this, it is available in beerXML format over on m website:

This was only the second lager I have ever brewed. After brewing the Pious Monk Dunkel recipe I needed to brew something a little easier. The final result was very close to the original.

Has anyone else brewed this recipe from BYO?

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Nice work on the video. I skimmed parts but enjoyed it. At risk of being a pedantic a-hole you didn’t brew your second lager. You brewed a steam beer. Unless I missed somewhere that you lagered it.

Haven’t brewed that recipe but I have brewed a common. I’ve never used that yeast but heard a lot about it. Lots of guys say they make great lagers with it.

The mash water adjustment kind of baffled me. Why those two in those amounts? Again sorry if I missed it in the video.

You are correct, this was a steam beer rather than a lager. Using lager yeast with out lagering does make a difference.

The mash water additions were my misguided attempt at water chemistry. I have since sorted out my water chemistry issues and as of this past month no longer add what seems to be random amounts of baking soda gypsum.

Thanks for the observations.

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Glad to hear it! I’m sure your beers will improve for it.

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