Brewing a Russian imperial stout advice

I am planning out a extract Russian Imperial Stout Brewing session. The recipe is as clone of Stone’s.
The recipe calls for all DME, I like using liquid malt. Suggestions?
As far as aging, typical secondary aging is 2 to 3 months? Any feedback on this post would be appreciated.


You should be fine swapping LME for DME. You may need to adjust the amounts – run the recipe through one of the online calculators to get an idea.

I secondary my RIS for 4-5 months. I’ve always been happy with that, so I haven’t tried it any other way.

Wow, that’s much longer than I would hope. I would need to bottle in April.

Just go ahead and bottle in April and let the beers continue to age in the bottles…or pop one open and test it out, maybe you’ll be happy with it at that point.