Brewing a Kolsch Extract

I’m looking for some good suggestions on brewing this beer. Maybe some lessons learned. The directions seem too simple. I’m looking at a full boil instead of the 2.5 gal. DME first then LME later like it says and fermenting at 60. Maybe 2 weeks primary, 2-3 weeks secondary. What do you think?

I fermented my kolsch at 59 degrees and it took about 3 weeks to hit FG and then i left it in there for one more week for some extra cleanup. I have since racked it to secondary, and it has been there for two weeks at 40 degrees. Based on what i have read, i plan on keeping it there for two more before kegging it.

I just made the Kolsch kit, spent 3 weeks in primary at 61 degrees, then bottled. Waiting for it to carbonate the bottles and then I’ll try. The first (flat) taste was pretty good.

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This beer style has been discussed several times and the consensus is that it should be lagered for 3 or 4 weeks. I don’t know how you can go straight to bottle after primary on this one. My yeast did not drop until it had been lagering for a few days.

My Kölsch extract kit has been going since Monday, at about 60F. Brewed it Sunday but no real active fermentation till Monday. It is still bubbling quite a bit, and there is a thick krausen. Since I used the Wyeast 2565 (i think that is the number) I have read it doesn’t drop very quickly, and some just rack out from under the krausen once FG is reached and then lager for a few weeks in secondary. I want to make sure I get a good clear Kölsch, so I will be lagering for at least 2-3 weeks. This yeast is known to be a bit slow at reaching FG, so I am going to be patient. But I want to get it into secondary soon as possible so I can fill the 6gal carboy back up with Amber Ale and get that going :slight_smile:

I did a 4gal boil, well near 4gal anyway. I was far more than 3/4 full on my 5gal pot :wink: I also learned my girlfriend likes the smell of DME and water boiling. So I guess All-grain will be a go when we get our own house (she is finishing her Masters in social work). She is a good helper, and if I make a batch here and there that she likes, I am all set. She likes German Kolsch, hopefully she likes my homebrew version, as well!

I concur, my Krausen took forever to finally drop.

Thanks for your inputs. I am limited on space so it looks like I need to brew the pale ale first and enjoy that while this one ferments.