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Brewing a belgian triple

Hello I am going to brew a all grain Belgian triple. Here my ? in the recipe it has 2.5lbs of cane sugar now I listing to jamil podcast on this an he say to add the sugar after the fermentation slow down. Now how does one go about knowing when the fermentation is slowing down is it by how might’s day’s, I don’t want to keep taking hydrometer sample to see where it at an risks souring the beer …

While you can certainly do as JZ suggests and add it after a week or so, I just chuck it right in the kettle when I boil. Works just as well.

I though adding to might simple sugar’s in the boil once it go to fermenting. The yeast will work on the simple sugar’s first an become lazy an won’t ferment the malt sugar’s an your left with an high FG

You can judge when fermentation is slowing down by CO2 activity in the airlock if you are using a sealed carboy. You can’t do this with a bucket becasude the lids don’t usually seal. An addition when fermentation is slowing down is a fairly nebulous statement. I would investigate some other tripel recipes to get clarification.

It’s never been a problem for me and I’ve made a lot of tripels, as well as other Belgian styles sing sugar.

+1.060 to what Denny said. I personally like to add the sugars the last 10 minutes of the boil, but as Denny has previously stated if you add it earlier in the boil, like from the beginning, it is easier to hit your IBU’s as calculated anticipating sugars present in the boil if using brewing software.

Just throw your sugar in the boil. The most important thing about tripels is not letting your yeast blow out the top. If you keep it in the fermenter, it will finish out.

I have added the Beglian D1 and D2 syrups during fermentation, but that was only because I was splitting the batch, and not all of it was going to get the syrup. It works fine, but the syrup is really easy to pour in. Sugar crystals will make nucleation sites and could make the beer foam over. Just throw it in the last 10 min. of the boil.

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