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Brewing a 5 gallon kit on a 2.5 gallon set up

So I was given a 5 gallon all grain kit for my birthday recently. But the only 5 gallon kit I can do is extract because I still brew in my kitchen on the stove top with a 16 qt capacity kettle. I recently started doing all grain-BIAB batches with my current set up and the most beer I can yield from that is about 2.75 gallons. Could I still do this recipe in my small set up and then just top up with water to the estimated O.G.? What do I need to consider when it comes to hop utilization and water profile? I use Beersmith and thought about plugging the recipe in there too. Thanks!

Well yes you get some benefit from full volume but you should still be able to to do a top up same as extract. Do the grains come separate? If so just split the batch in two


Or, do a high gravity small batch… Then like you suggest, top off… Plug in the numbers to see where it would start… Then plug in the numbers like it was a 5 gallon batch…

I have an alternate idea if the grains are mixed. Mix up the bag of grains as best you can and split everything 50/50 brew both batches then combine them and ferment

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When i did do exctract. Did steep the specialty grain separate. 2 gallon water. Or one. Gallon the other kettle i did do a 4 gallon extract. Boil. So on end of boil had a full boil going no add of water to reach target. Volume

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