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Brewhouse Dog

I was thinking about adopting a dog and the thought came to me that I should name it after a brewing dignitary, like Chip Walton did when he named his beagle Charlie P. I thought about getting an English Sheepdog and naming it Denny but I don’t want to deal with the shedding. Any thoughts on breeds and/or names? I’m kind of partial to smaller dogs like the beagle and smaller hounds.

I have two rescue chihuahua-pomeranian mixes, and they’re awesome, loyal little dogs. I don’t know about brewing names, but I just love being able to name my beers after my dogs. The “Settle Down Sven Aye aye aye p.a.” has gone over pretty well.

Adopting is best so thumbs up to that.

But I wouldn’t get too hung up on breed, adopt the dog with the attitude that suits you best.

I love mutts, and I don’t ever see myself going after a certain breed. BUT if you do go for a breed (nothing wrong with that) search out and see if there are any specific breed rescues in your area too.

Not brew dogs, just my dogs, they get board and leave the kitchen while I brew. Chopper in the back, Birdie in front.

Denny really doesn’t shed that much. You should give him a chance.

Get a beagle and name him Chip

I LIKE IT! :cheers:

My parents have a yellow lab that I named Stout. Would probably be more fitting if he was a black lab, but i like the irony

Off topic, but we tried a blond coffee stout at the Oregon Gardens on Sat. Towards the end of the night, so I can’t remember the brewer. :oops:

On topic we got a black lab/golden retriever from a shelter in WA. 85 lbs, but she will still stretch out on my wife’s lap.
There’s alot of dogs that need homes.

Does he look like a Chip W.?

It was my first instinct to say this :lol: but seriously I highly recommend brewing (the least hoppy beer in your playbook) and then going directly to a shelter and seeing what dog likes you the most.

This is my brew house dog, Brewtus.

Oh man, with the bowtie? That’s great.
Beagles are great dogs, talkative, but fun.

Is this one in the running?

Oh man, with the bowtie? That’s great.
Beagles are great dogs, talkative, but fun.

Is this one in the running?[/quote]
Yes, he is. Trying to work out the timing. I’m scheduled to travel some this month and I don’t want to burden anyone with puppy care right off the bat.

This is my brewhouse dog, Porter. I’m in the process of brewing Porters Stout. He might be a bit bigger then you’re looking for, but I just wanted to post the pic!!

Get a drooly hound dog (Basset maybe?). Name him Caribou. Brew many gallons of Caribou Slobber. Serve to unwitting guests.


Bassett hounds are the coolest.

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