Brewer's Golden Bitter

Well, I have had some Brewers Gold Hops in the freezer from a local hop farm and I final used it in a beer.
The recipe is very simple because I really wanted to taste this hop.

Brewer’s Golden Bitter (Extract)

Starting Volume 5.5 gallons
OG= 1.040
Estimated IBUs = 32

6 lb Northern Brewer Gold LME
4 oz. Crystal 40L

.75 oz Brewers Gold 7 AA @ 60 min
.75 oz Brewers Gold 7 AA @ 15 min
.50 oz Brewers Gold 7 AA @ FO
1 oz Brewers Gold 4 AA @Dry hop

White Labs California Ale 001
Pitched at 64 F.

I was bottling a Porter while I brewed this, so my hop additions were not right on, but I don’t think it will be a biggie. Only a few minutes off here and there. I ended up with a final volume a little under 5 gallons and decided not to top it off with water.
I have read that Brewers Gold is a great bittering hop, and not a good flavor and aroma hop, but they smelled great. I will see in a few weeks.

Last summer I made an old style Ballantine XXX clone that had lots of late addition and dry hopped with Brewers Gold. I quite liked the flavor of it.

It has a nicely different flavor from the west coast stuff but I wouldn’t say it tastes like a nobel hop either.

Let us know how you like it.

Thanks for the reply.
This beer smells great through the airlock. I like American hops, but these bring a new dimension that I have not tryed.
Now the big question…1 or 2 ounce of brewers gold to dry hop?

[quote=“colombo117”]Now the big question…1 or 2 ounce of brewers gold to dry hop?[/quote]The correct answer to this question is “2”. :wink:

With your low OG and minimal amount of crystal, I would stick to the 1oz. Personally I think 2oz in that beer would be overwhelming.

Your bad! Haha.

Belpaire, you make a good point.

1 oz.

It has been 2 weeks since I pitched the yeast and today I added 1 ounce of Brewers Gold whole leaf hops. I will give it one more week and bottle next saturday.

I am excited to try this beer!

Well. this beer is gone. It was very good.

The brewers gold hop is a new favorite of mine.

Fresh, this beer was a little herbal, grassy, and had a semi-harsh bitterness. The “currant” character that this hop is described as having was not very pronounced. It was spicy and very earthy however. I liked it a lot and it was a nice change from all the citrusy pales I drink.

Overtime this beer mellowed out. The bitterness remained, but it melded with the malts better in the end.

I would do this recipe again. It was simple and easy.

Good to hear you like it. I always like simple recipes the best. To me, Brewers Gold is an under-appreciated hop.

Right now I am drinking a De Ranke XX Bitter sort-of clone using Brewers Gold for bittering. The real thing uses them and has quite the harsh (in a good way) bitterness.