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Brewers Best DIPA High Final Gravity


Don’t know what happened est final was supposed to be 1.019 to 1.015.

Anyhoo it’s going in bottles

How long has it been fermenting? How many times and days apart have you confirmed that it has reached FG? How did you measure FG?

If you used a refractometer you need to adjust it for the presence of alcohol.

The final gravity does seem a little high if you used the recommended US-05 for the yeast.

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Wogdog, I did this exact thing once when I was starting out, and ended up with exploding bottles, glass embedded in my shirt and a nice cut on my cheek. Be very careful.

Was fermenting for 3 weeks, I checked gravity 1 week ago and then again today, no change. I used a Hydrometer. I followed the recipe, i did lose almost a gallon or so as I moved in to a secondary after 2 weeks. I hadn’t strained the wort when I put it in primary, so when I siphoned it into the secondary I left all the waste at the bottom and left some beer as well.

I tasted it and it tasted good. Its in 22 oz bottles and the cases have towels wrapped around them.

Hopefully the towel wraps will contain any bottle bombs if they develop. I adjusted the amt of priming sugar to the amount of beer that wnt into my bottling bucket. 5 oz seems like a crazy amount to me even for 5 gal, Plus I like my beer slightly under carbed.


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What yeast did you use for this one?

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I’d have to check the recipe it’s whatever came with the Brewers best double I PA I’m not at home right now so I can’t check

How’s the taste? Probably keep them cold and drink them

Didn’t list the type in the recipe…it was a dry yeast packet

Tasted like a flat clean IPA…they are conditioning for a couple weeks then I’ll chill em

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Be carefull. Looks like a stuck fermetation.

Put the recipy in a recipy calculator. See how you will end up with. The final. Fg. Just a idea what was your original grav. Could be you did not add enough yeast. What i like to do on high grav beers. Make a two liter yeast starter.

Recipe Calculator says. 1.020 FG and I’m at 1.024

Next time I’m definitely going to make a starter

Give it bit more time when in doubt. You can always filter your beer. Before you put into the bottle.

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