Brewers association may change its definition of craft beer

The thing is Sam continues to make limited release expierimtals and should be included in the craft Brew community. Maybe there needs to be a sub category likel large craft breweries and local or small. I use the term local to differentiate from national craft breweries like laganitas or Sierra Nevada

Unless he sells out, Koch…er Sam should stay in. He was and is a staunch defender of craft.
Lagunitas I believe is out?

Yeah but wasn’t the volume at like 6… million barrels/gallons(?) a year to qualify? I may the odd duck out, but to ME, craft is a smaller quantity… Hand made, not machine French pressed with hydraulic sort of monster… Sneezles61

[quote=“sneezles61, post:4, topic:26671, full:true”] not machine French pressed with hydraulic sort of monster… Sneezles61
I don’t think that should have anything to do with it. Although we are doing 10bbl batches and will likely produce about 1500bbl per year our system is fully automated. IMHO iautomation has nothing to do with craft but rather than consistency.


I agree. It’s rough because I understand limiting production. However, you look at Sams and it has become a self built conglomeratation of a “craft” beer PIONEER. Not a conglomerate BUYING smaller fish to fit into the mold.

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I never look at labels anyway. They are all misleading as far as I’m concerned. I like the trend of telling me the hops and malts on the label and maybe the IBUs. As far as the other descriptors of natural, organic, handmade, craft I assume they are all lying. I would prefer to buy local and regional. So where it is bottled matters more to me than how many bottles were made.