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"Brew Your Own" magazine

Anyone get Brew Your Own magazine? Their latest issue seems to focus on lagers. Just wondering if it’s worth $6 plus $4.50(!!) shipping…

I usually just flip through it at the store. Every three or four issues is worth buying at newsstand prices. If I see an all Saison issue, I run… if I see an issue with subjects I care about, I’ll pick it up. The ones that do have to do with topics/styles I care about are worth buying, for what it’s worth.

Yeah I have it. It’s worth it

Oh oops I just saw how much shipping was… eh not so sure now

If you are thinking about doing some lagers and don’t have a lot of experience with them, it is probably worth it.

I used to have a subscription, but eventually gave it up because I found I didn’t have time to read it. They actually did a pretty good job of keeping up with the new trends and techniques in homebrewing.


I’ve had a subscription for the past three years and thoroughly enjoy it. They’ve run specials the past two years where when I renewed my sub I could gift a sub to a friend for free so I’ve gifted to two buds the past two years. I’ve tried several recipes from it to great success as well. It’s great throneroom reading material. :innocent:


p.s. They do post a lot of their articles online as well so it may be worth a look: Here

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I can mail you my copy.

For that price just get a subscription. I like the magazine and agree with @rebuiltcellars, they do a pretty good job with trends. Another thing I like is they will speak with breweries and get actual recipes. Very little known places like Firestone Walker and places of the sort. :wink:

Thanks man! I picked up a copy locally.

I follow them on facebook and of the ones I’ve picked up one place or another. They’re OK but I haven’t felt compelled to get a subscription.

I dont pay for my subscription otherwise i wouldnt get it :grinning:

I get it and love it for the reasons posted above. But now that we are on the subject would a sub to AHA be better?I have read some issues given me by my other brew club friends .Is the discounts worth it?I,m on a limited budget and can’t really afford both… Opinion’s?:beer::beer:

I started getting the magazine by subscription three issues ago and I enjoy it. But I’m new to all of this so I think that’s why I like it. I will continue to get it until I get bored with it like every other magazine I used to get.

I’ll read the articles that show up online but never actually read a hard copy. Is it one of those magazine’s that is 90% advertising? I would grab one off a new stand if I saw one with an article that looked interesting

I have had a subscription for a long time. I find now that sometimes I don’t even open it up. Other times just thumb through to see if anything looks worth reading. The best part is the recipes for me. They are indexed in the front so if that’s all you want, you can go right to it. Home brewing has only so many things you can talk about and if it gets really scientific I kind of glaze over then fall asleep with some articles.

Does anyone get their digital edition? Might be a better, cheaper and more “green” than the magazine. Would not take up so much space either.

This was how I felt about the ones I got.

I just wanted to check out the lager issue…Nothing groundbreaking so far.

I too have had subscriptions to other rags, and found, it gits rather repetitious. I would rather look at the blip-verts and see what can be gleaned from that. I would save me money and look here. See, you can git feedback, good or not, a rag, well, paper and advertisements… Sneezles61

Hey @sneezles61 what about Growler magazine? From what I’ve seen online it looks like a nice magazine. I know that’s from up in your parts

Oh yes! and best part…. FREE !! A recent article on Moose Lake brewery, is in my town and I know the fellas quite well there. We can find that at the pubs, so you grab one go have a pint or two, a pretzel and snoop through it! Sneezles61

Always a great magazine. I’ve been a subscriber for 17 years and I always read every issue cover to cover, sometimes more than one time. I still have all of 'em in the basement.

@tankie, I do like the AHA’s magazine Zymurgy and I subscribe to that one as well. However, I think BYO is about 3 times better. Personal preference – other people would say the opposite. Both are worth checking out for sure.

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