Brew mags

What brewing magazines do you guys like and why?

I’m lame and just peruse Zymurgy and BYO at the bookstore. At least half the time, the issues are about sours or Belgians or something else that doesn’t interest me. I like to flip through, then buy at the store.

Zymurgy for me because besides the mag you get an AHA membership. That not only promotes homebrewing, but helps to keep all craft beer available. But BYO can be very good also. Disclaimer: I’ve written for both of them.


With the AHA membership, you get access to all kinds of other resources and discounts through the AHA member deals program. Some retailers (including NB) give discounts to AHA members. AHA was very involved in helping get the law changed in my state last year to expand homebrewer rights.

I also subscribe to BYO and enjoy it.

I get the both stated above. I’ve had Draft magazine inthe past but can’t justify the cost anymore.