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Brew in a bag, Ziploc that is

How do these look for a bucket liner?

Siphon out your beer and leave the trub behind. Either pour off some to collect yeast first or just seal it and throw it away. According to the Q&A they are food safe.

The only problems I see is the bucket lid might not seal but they don’t don’t sometimes anyway or the lid rips the bag and it leaks in the trash. You would only really need to sanitize the lid.

Not environment friendly. Just wash the bucket your washing stuff Anyway IMO

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I agree. When we go back north and I have room, I wouldn’t even consider it. Just a thought to conserve resources in the motor home.

Next winter won’t be as much of a problem. We bought a condo here in the Keys and will be selling the motor home when we go north.

Hope you got a brew room too? Sneezles61

Well it’s a two bedroom so the battle begins :grinning:


If you want, I’ll come sleep by your fermenter next winter…

Get pullout

Strange, we get a lot of offers like that.

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