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Brew Files Podcast Episode 67 - Quaking in Long Beach

Drew’s siting down with Levi from Long Beach Beer Lab again to explore how Levi is using the old school, new hotness of Kveik in nearly half of his beers. What has Levi discovered to make some pretty amazing beer? He’s got a few tricks up his sleeve!

SO exciting
Really we are going with a “Quake” :grin: I don’t think so and had to call my local Norwegian. “EI” just like in german is a an “I” sound. It’s more like “Ka-vike”, which Levi says properly. You should give props, Drew, to this amazing yeast by attempting to say it right lol.
These yeasts are so incredible and my recent when to 1.006 without trying. Interesting the adding of Maltodextrin.
Once again it’s amazing " how much our ancestors could do without" knowing what was really going on.
This is the yeast for the “green future” of brewing.

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When we talked about it on the show we got letters from Scandanavia saying they pronounce it “kwike”. “kwake”, and a number of other ways. But they all agreed that the “v” was pronounced like a “w”. But what do I know!

It is exciting to consider the possibilities. Rapid turnaround. Lager like beers without the energy consumption and slow turnaround.
I was a little concerned when they mentioned thin body, excessive sweetness, and problems with low pH requiring NaHCO3. Any concerns there ?

I am far from an expert on kveik. I’ve had beers made with maybe 4-6 strains. And none of them were what I think of as clean, especially lager clean. I’ll keep looking. IMO at this point I feel like they are far from the perfect solution that others do.

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