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Brew Files Podcast Episode 41 - Parti In My Pots

We like to Brew. We like to Party. We like to Parti… . This week we’re going to dive into an old fashioned
technique that allows you to brew beautifully strong beers without wasting any left over malty goodness! Two Beers for the Price of One Mash

Parti-Gyle Equations:
Gravity Points batch 1 = Gravity PointsTotal × SugarPercentage1 / (Volume Batch 1)
Gravity Points batch 2 = Gravity PointsTotal × SugarPercentage2 / (Volume Batch 2)

    Sugar Percentages for 1/3-2/3rd Splits (e.g. 5gallons/10gallons)
        SugarPercentage1 = 0.67
        SugarPercentage2 = 0.33

    Sugar Percentages for 1/2-1/2 Splits (e.g. 5gallons/5gallons)
        SugarPercentage1 = 0.58
        SugarPercentage2 = 0.42

    To figure out what the "Total Batch" gravity needs to be from a desired Batch 1 gravity

        Gravity PointsTotal = (Gravity Points Batch 1 x Volume Batch 1)/(TotalVolume x SugarPercentage1)
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