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Brew Files Episode 94-REPLAY-Water, Water Everywhere

While Drew is getting his ducks in a row for the next series of shows - It’s Replay time! And since we’ve been getting a lot of water questions, what better place to revisit than Martin’s episode all about Bru’n water!

The Brew is Out There! TECHNIQUE SHOW

Water is an important chemical - without it we wouldn’t have beer! And for something that comprises so much of our beer, the chemistry we need to know to brew our best beer is Daunting - with a capital D. Drew sits down with Martin Brungard, creator of Bru’n Water, to demystify water chemistry and realize the functionality of Martin’s mathmagical spreadsheet.

Well, that helped… Been back, studying water and doing copious amounts of math… It looks like I’m on the right track… Still a daunting under taking…
Thank you Denny for the refresher!

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There also would not be any mead without water either

Honey is chock full of microbes and yeast but honey Is evaporated down till there is only 16-20 % moisture .

Night folks

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