Brew equipment rental idea

So I’m getting into brewing and picked up almost every thing I need, I just ordered my first 1 gallon extract kit. Then I thought what if it doesn’t come out like I want and many other thoughts, Last night I couldn’t sleep and being a retired IT geek I come up with an idea. I as with others have to spend a lot of $$$ to brew beer, good or bad where stuck with all that equipment and even if we sell it we lose money. Why not have an app android/apple that you use to rent beer brewing equipment, pay a deposit plus say $5 a day and when finished return it or the renter picks up the gear, like pizza hut. The deposit let’s say $50 would cover damage gear and like renting a car you get your deposit back if the gear is good.
deposit is $50
rent beer Brew equipment for $ 5 day
beer fermentater say $8 day
pick up delivery $15

I see no problem with my idea so I hope someone can go with it.

Obviously you’d have to rent it to people who lived near you. How much pf a market it there? I think not much.

Good point, In orange county and the bay area we have similar services. dry cleaning,food pick up,grocery shopping and I’m sure more. The price quoted is just an idea and I thought how easy it could be. As for a profit margin, that’s up to the person with extra gear just sitting in there garage. I teach people who are thinking of going into RC planes, $20 an hour using my planes and radio. That’s $20 clear profit because i had the plane’s for some time. Not getting rich but I make $100 or so a month and I rent my planes so others can fly what they don’t own.

I just don’t think it’;s gonna be the same for homebrewers. Smaller customer base, among other things.

yes, with out a market even a good idea can not work.

There are two places within driving distance of where I live that you can pay to brew on-site at their location. They have all the equipment, burners, etc. One is in my LHBS so you are probably going to buy your ingredients there too. This probably works better because they have everything you might need and if you drop something, there is another one on the shelf.

This is a better model, IMHO. Rented space with lots of communal gear. All you need to supply is your fermenter. If I ever move back into the city, this is where I’ll brew

I agree the brew on site where they teach you is the way to go.

is the place near me. This way you learn something and if you don’t like it your not out startup costs.

Rental gear, or communal gear, who assumes the risk if a batch gets infected? The brewer, or gear owner?

If you want you can rent a big pot and burner from Taylor rental. Get a paint strainer bag and a bucket not that big an investment to start.