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Brew Dog Punk IPA

Saw my local grocery store carrying some of the Brew Dog line. Golden in color with low carbonation and a citrusy, tangerine aroma. Flavor was slightly spicy, citrusy, and slightly tropical and resinous on the finish. This was one of the smoother drinking IPAs I’ve had; not very assertive at all. Not bad, although they particularly spared no expense on the packaging. I say that sarcastically as it came in a pack of four bottles with a cheap piece of cardboard folded around it and stapled. If you don’t carry it perfectly flat the bottles actually fall out the sides.

All in all this would be a good IPA to introduce newbie IPA drinkers to but probably will not impress the everyday hop head.

I had it while over in Scotland and in America, and they taste like 2 totally different beers. I think the journey across the pond really affects it’s quality and hop character.

Aye, even fresh bottles that have only traveled ~200 miles within Scotland don’t come close to the aroma and flavour you get when you get a pint from a fresh keg at one of their pubs.

It’s the same situation for us on this side of the pond when it comes to bottles of US craft brew (in the hopped up pale ale family anyway). The beer shop near me has some of the Sierra Nevada Band Camp series, and although I really want to try them, I just know they will be ghosts of their former selves.

PS, Brewdog’s Jackhammer smacks you in the face right out of the bottle, and should make the journey quite well, so grab some of that if you can.

I’m dying to check out one of their pubs. Hopefully one of these days I’ll make it back across the pond…

I’ve heard Tactical Nuclear Penguin is disgusting though. Same with Sink the Bismarck.

Their show is actually quite entertaining. It was on the Esquire Network and probably available Ondemand. Generally, I really like their philosophy and their beers.

While over there, and after drinking cask ale for a couple months, brewdog was a really nice break from the traditional english beers and reminded me of home. I really recommend their pub in Newcastle and Edinburgh

Sink The Bismarck was not that great… although I definitely see the marketing allure to making beers like it. You have to drink it as if it were a hard alcohol rather than a beer. Tactical nuclear penguin reminded me of a bad brandy.

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