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Brew day today!

I am going to do an NB Irish Stout, one of my favorites. I am thinking that I might drop in some 1oz williamette before the end of the boil.

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I did BIAB today. I split the grains up in two bags. I thought I could get better water in the grains. Not a typical brewing today: had too much water, so I had to do 1 1/2 hour boiling time, had a boil over (outside). I ended up putting 2oz of williamette (that was ok). There are days like that.

I missed informed you by accident. I put the grains a my mash tun in a bag to help clarifying. I found that it helped. The two bags gave me more water suffice.

I don’t quite understand… You used grain the same way, and mashed the same way… The only variable is the bag(s)… The hot liquor volume doesn’t change… Sneezles61

Instead of having the grains in the mash tun floating around, I used a bag to contain the grains in a bag. It helped with containing the fine dust . When I sparged, I dumped over the bags to help filter. I thought that I would try something different. It took lease time to sparge I wanted to make sure the water was over the bags.

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