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Brew cooling

I live on long island NY.
My water comes from an aquifer.
Chilling my beer to me seems to take 18 to 24 gallons of water in summer (now). Less in winter.
Is there a more economical way, less expensive way with not a huge expense in equipment investment to be better at chilling my wort ?
This use of water has always bothered me.
Thanks Keith

How many gallons of wort are you cooling? Do you have the space to save the cooling water for later use? Clothes washing, watering plants, garden?

I use the ice bath method for cooling. No experience with counterflow chillers or plate chillers in an ice bath. Thinking first about the most simple alternative.

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Like what flars says use a ice bath it cools it fast down . Once done use it to water the plants cost me about 8 $ for four ice bags

I use a fountain pump in a cooler. fill with water, run off a bucket full at first then add 20# of ice. Then put out flow end of your wort chiller into the cooler and let it run on it’s own. Saves a lot of water.
Do you have a wort chiller?



I use a cold water bath, plus an IC. I do change the water in the bath 3 times per average cooling period, and I might add ice in the final change. I’m not measuring the amount of water used, so I can’t say if I’m saving any over your system. You could also run the IC water through a prechiller ice bath (oops- I see brewman posted a better explanation of this).

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Thanks for responses.
I will try ice bath.
Thanks Keith

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