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Brettanomyces the thread

Going for a dual fermentation next. I’m going to try starting with Brett this time.

My brett never took off as I was hoping so I pitched a kveik melange a little earlier than I hoped. When I rack onto some blood oranges I will pitch some more brett. We’ll see how this ages as when it’s done there will be 5 bretts and 4 kviek strains in there.


What’s your 5 bretts strains your using in it

The main Brett is The Yeast Bay 261. Then the 2 strains from Wyeast Lambic blend were introduced as dregs. After primary I will introduce WLP650 Brettanomyces bruxellensis and Wyeast 5151 Claussenii. Truthfully the lambic could be Brett C and B already. There is a pound of maltodextrin in the recipe to give them something to munch on.

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