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Brettanomyces the thread

My 1 gallon experiment hasn’t soured yet. I racked it to a secondary to get it off the 3711 trub. Wasn’t sour yet. But it’s only been a couple weeks. Maybe not enough dregs

Did you have other bugs or just Brett? Brett on its own doesn’t sour very much.

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It’s the dregs from a sour Crooked Stave Sour Rose’

They had me at Foeder.

Sour Rosé undergoes fermentation in large oak foeders on second-use raspberries and blueberries. Showcasing bright effervescent characteristics, Sour Rosé is the perfect sour beer for all seasons and occasions. Unfiltered and naturally wild, each can is packaged with a small amount of yeast to maintain maximum freshness for wherever life’s adventures take you.

That’s what it says on the can.

I’m not getting a good picture in my mind on the second use berries thing…:confounded: Sneezles61

Crooked Stave does some crazy stuff. They make good beer though.

This is a saison I fermented with wild yeast harvested from Apricots. Its brett characters came through real nice almost alittle tropical pineapple and cherry notes tangled with a mild funkiness of yeast and doughy wheat bread that lingers for a moment upon first taste. But not overwhelming that the Mosaic hops still shined in aroma with a pleasant bitterness that didnt take away from the malt.

For 2 years my sanitation practices held firm. Meaning, that what was Brett was Brett and things that were not were not. Now I am on my second cross contamination. It’s no big deal right now because a Brett Irish Stout might not be the worst thing. I think my harvested yeast might be the culprit. I have not had any contamination with new yeast but both my Kviek and my London Ale II pulled from the stockpile have gone to brett.

I been brewing with brett for little over 16 years and never had a cross contamination problem. Even with harvesting yeast. I know you say you sanitation practices are good but might have over looked something. What are your sanitation practices also what do you use for fermenters. My brett goes in glass carboys or stainless steel fermenters. I never ever ever scrub them with anything and boiling or near boiling water first and hold temps for at least 20 min before i add oxiclean or pbw then again hot water rinse and another 20 min rest. All hoses and bungs and equipment is treated in same way. Then then i sanitize with Iodophor Sanitizer and then again with starsan. So is your practices like this?

:astonished::dizzy_face: That is intense… very… Sneezles61

It pays off in the long run. By doing it this way i still can ferment in same fermenter with out worrying. Bung’s, hose’s and stuff i do keep separate even though they go through the same cleaning and sanitizing practice. I mark all my brett hose’s with differnt colored tape. Then on brew day i write on my notes what hose and color. So if ever there is problem i can trace it down.

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I wash with a hot water and bleach solution then oxyclean then rinse rinse rinse. Glass and kegs for Bret fermentations. And I also cross my fingers

Same here… about 8 years with brett and no cross contamination issues. Buckets are sanitized with hot water, oxy, and star-san, and glass for secondary. Plastic carboys for sacch only, since they can’t take the heat. But you’re just as likely to get cross contamination from saison yeast as brett, in my opinion.

I agree, it’s probably some other piece of equipment… hose, airlock, stopper… it’s easy to miss a piece when sanitizing.

Since the first cross contamination everything has been bleached , oxy, and left standing in StarSan (stored actually). I never bleached my yeast storage jars. They were just StarSan. My lager looks like it survived and it was between the first accidental Brett and the second. I also had a wheat in there with no cross.

The lager may be contaminated but since it is kept cold it may not present itself as quickly

Gee Whiz… I may have contaminated my ale with a lager… :grin: Trying to insert some smiles there gentlemen… A brewery up the road got a contamination from the “wild” stuff… it was an expensive adventure… replacing the hoses. And to think I complain when its time to repack my silicone tubing… Sneezles61

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Hey, some of my favorite lagers are made with top fermenting yeast! Now I just need to find a bottom fermenting brett strain and use it to make an ale.


I was wondering that as well but it has been at 70F all week and nothing weird has happened

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