Brett Saison

Have a 2nd-step slug of Brett Trois growing up. Was going to start with a mid 1.050’s saison to grow up a pitch for a 1/2 bbl Brett IPA.

Was thinking of something relatively simple like:

90% pilsner
5% caramalt
5% malted wheat

Bitter to 20-25 IBU with Apollo, then 2-3 oz of Caliente and Galaxy late/hop stand. Ferment in mid 60’s raising up to mid 70’s after 5 days.

That is, I will be doing this if our first child that was due this past Saturday doesn’t come in the next few days…

So you’re talking a 100% Brettanomyces saison, not a saison that gets a mixed fermentation?

correct, 100% brett fermentation

I just did something similar. It turned out pretty good. Lots of tropical fruit from the Brett Trois fermentation not much of the barnyard funk that you get from Brett in the secondary.

Right. The sooner you add Brett, the less funk you get. I personally am not a fan of beers that smell like a barnyard. I think the ‘more funk’ thing is getting to the point of where testosterone-fueled “I have the most bitter beer possible” was a few years ago.

At a certain point with pushing beers to the extreme, wine coolers start gaining appeal.