Breakwater Pale Ale

Wow. Just did a tasting and this is mighty good. Nice malt backbone to support the bitterness and the citra dry hop effects are outstanding. Did not deviate from the recipe as it was first time through. 2 weeks bottle conditioning nailed it.

Have to give a big thumbs up to our host for this one. Nicely done.


Sweet. I’ve done a number of their all grain kits and have yet to be disappointed.

The Breakwater Pale Ale “clone” is a very good beer. It was my first ever attempt at brewing (as an extract kit) and I’ve done several all grain variations of it since, only varying the hop schedule. My favorite variation of it was my last, only varying the Chinook to get about 32 IBUs or so and using about .6-.7 oz of Citra. I actually think I would like it better with about 35-37 IBUs and about .8-.9oz of Citra. If I use the full amount of hops, I would probably be the only one drinking it. No fun. Well, not quite as much fun, anyway… :roll: