Bready Biscuity Breakfast Beer

Hello Brewers,

I am envisioning a beer which captures the best tastes and smells of breakfast (besides bacon/eggs). I am thinking of brewing this beer tomorrow:

9lb Marris Otter
4oz Biscuit Malt
4oz Carapils
4ozFlaked Barley
4oz Coffee Malt
4oz Chocolate Malt

.75 Golding FWH
.25 Williamete 5 minutes

Safale S-04 - 2 packets

This is only my 5th all-grain batch, so I am pretty inexperienced as far as recipe building goes. Plan on a single infusion mash at 153-4 with a 60 minute boil. Any critiques to make this recipe more balanced or breakfast-like? As far as style goes I guess it will be a borderlines stout dark english ale. Thanks!

to keep to the breakfast theme i might use flaked oats instead of flaked barley :mrgreen:

as far as your hop additions go, FWH give about as much bittereness as a 20 minuet addition.

other than that, i think other forum members may chime in on other advise

Haha, good call on the Oats. I think I’ll make that substitution.

i think i would up the biscuit to maybe 6 or 8 oz

+1 on bumping up the biscuit malt. FWH does give you about 20 minutes worth of bitterness, so I would change that to a kettle addition. Probably a sixty minute addition, depending on how much bitterness you want. If you are thinking about adding bacon, I would suggest pairing it with a rauchbier, since those are like drinking bacon from a glass.

Thanks for the suggestions, brewing this today:

Good Morning - Biscuit Beer!

9lb Marris
6oz Biscuit
4oz Carapils
4oz Flaked oats
4oz Coffee Malt
4oz Chocolate Malt

.75 Golding @ 60 minute
.25 Williamete @ 5 minutes

Safale S-04 - 2ish packets

Will let you guys know how it goes.

FWH gives you 60 min of bittering and 20 min worth of flavor!

I’m probably too late, but I would be afraid that the chocolate and coffee malt would overwhelm the more subtle bready biscuity flavors with that grainbill. If you want to avoid that, you might cut back the chocolate to 2oz and add some victory malt to add some toastiness.

Also, I wonder if the carapils is superfluous, especially with MO base and a relatively high mash temp.

Either way, just depends on exactly what you’re going for…

FWH gives you 60 min of bittering and 20 min worth of flavor![/quote]

everything ive read and from my experience, thats not true. FWH give aprox 20mins of bitterness

unless i massively mis-understood several topics on FWH.

Well, I went ahead and brewed it last night. Everything went smoothly and the wort tasted amazing. Rust is right, I think the coffee+chocolate took over the biscuity flavors, but it still tasted great. rGravity was around 1.050 and the thing is fermenting like a monster right now. I will give an update in a week or so on how it tastes. Thanks again for the advice!

I’m sure you’ve brewed an excellent beer. In the spirit of experimentation, next time you might try switching to Ashburne Mild Ale malt as your base, and really don’t be afraid to go heavy on the amber/biscuit/victory medium-toast specialty malts. As crazy as it sounds, 25% of the grain bill being made up of the latter would not be too much. Kiln coffee is a nice way to get some coffee flavor with smoothness. Finally, if you choose to use some dark roasted malts, such as chocolate, add them to the mash just before mashing out or sparging (if you don’t mash out) to minimize the astringency sometimes associated with those grains.

We made Lone Star bread tonight. :slight_smile:

12 oz ale
3 D flour
3 capital t baking natural powder
3T sugar
One.Five t sodium

(It might happen to be Three elements had I made use of self-rising flour (omit sodium & baking natural powder).

Make from 375 for just one hour.

Anyhow, my thoughts is actually spinning with possibilities. Has anybody tried different types of ale? Including sweetie or molasses to the top while baking? Using different sweeteners within the breads?

I am simply really used with how easy it was, and just how I could make up a few blends in baggies in the pantry after which simply put in a container associated with beer. I do prefer to make yeast breads but this was therefore quick compared to yeast bread, as well as tasted much better than my personal normally-failed cookies. I want to check it out making little loaves (much more crust factor).

I would love any versions or even suggestions, actually a few unique ones. Such as what about chocolates chips put in, and using a very dark ale and feasible a few orange taste somehow?

I think one packet of 04 would have been fine. 04 and 05 attenuate like a monster and I rarely go two packets unless I am in the OG 065 range.

curious as to how this turns out; breakfast themed beer sounds great and this looks a little better than Northerbrewer’s Breakfast Stout .

This beer is still chilling in a secondary, going to bottle it tonight. I will put up some taste notes and some final specs then.

I am also curious. Let us know