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Bread from beer grains

I have a surplus of Crystal 60. Does anyone know a recipe I could use to try to make some bread?

Folks I’ve talked to have substituted it for flour in a recipe. 1 cup only.

I make bread with spent grains all the time. I haven’t tried with fresh, but I would presume it’s not far off.
I use a cup of spent to roughly 5.5 cups unbleached four (not whole wheat, the bread ends up really heavy that way.)

I’ve been experimenting with this for a while and this recipe
makes for a decent bread bowl for soup. (Also good warm with butter.)

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Okay so for some reason this came in sideways. Sorry… Have made this easy recipe and the bread is really good! Got rave reviews from all that had some. I can’t remember where I got it to give them credit.

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