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Bravo IPA

I just made up this recipe with some grains and hops I had on hand. Looking for some feed back. Thanks

78% Maris Otter
16% Vienna
4% Crystal 60
3% CaraPils
.5oz Bravo @ 60
.5oz Bravo @45
1oz Cascade @30
1oz Cascade @15
1oz Cascade@0
dry hop 1oz Bravo and 1oz Cascade
US5 yeast

I would take the 30 min addition and make it a 5 min addition. I would take the 45 min addition and FWH with it. This would make it equivalent to a 20 min addition. I like the amount that your dry hopping with, 2 oz per 5 gals is perfect.

Last friday I had an apa that used bravo and cascade that was pretty good.

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