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Brau Brothers Rye Wyne

I don’t even know where to start on a recipe for this, but I love the concept (rye version of a wheat wine). It’s 11% abv, and aged in Templeton whiskey barrels.

The website doesn’t have any info, but here’s a description from The Four Firkins (an awesome beer only shop in MN)

" it is a beautiful beast, with rich and spicy rye notes punctuated by a sweet caramel/vanilla/white pepper overtone. Sweet toffee and slight toasted bread flavors also come through and meld seamlessly into the flavors of the whiskey, which is firm but not overpowering. It is 11%, a perfect candidate for cellaring if you have the patience"

I assume it has a fair amount of bitterness for such a big beer, but not enough to really be noticeable. The real question I have is how much Rye can you conceivably use before you get a stuck mash?

I’m thinking – 2-row, Rye, flaked Rye, small amount of chocolate or even chocolate rye, bitter with magnum and throw a few ounces of centennial later in the boil, the the tune of ~65 ibu.

Any ideas on a recipe?

PS: and aged on oak chips soaked in bourbon (or Templeton if I can get it!)

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