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Brats and beer

Doing a tailgate tomorrow. Bringing some flip top growlers filled with White IPA and Game Day Alt. What’s your favorite topping

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Kraut and mustard. Or currywurst

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Actually the party is Saturday. Grilled onions ? Currywurst?

Well you could do a practice tailgate tomorrow to be sure you are ready for Saturday. Kraut and mustard -yes. Grilled onions - yes. Currywurst - not a fan myself, but to each his or her own, of course.

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chopped sweet onions/mustard/ketchup - or - Kraut/mustard/ketchup. Mmmmmmm… braaaaattttssss…

A well cooked brat with horse radish… with a brew chaser… I’m not a good weed wacker, so I don’t put that other stuff on em… Sneezles61

Onions raw or grilled

Raw… Sneezles61

For sure kraut mustard unions. Me would use chorizo sausages

All of the above. Ok, now I’m grillin’ For sure this weekend. 3 ice cold lagers on tap.

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Kraut and really hot horseradish mustard.


Great all of the above but also going to griddle up a special topping that will include garlic onion kraut sauteed in beer

That sounds amazing, I second the kraut, onions, and spicy mustard wholeheartedly for brats. :thumbsup:


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Normally with a post like this I’d be looking for what @flars would say. I miss seeing him on here. Your special topping sounds amazing @brew_cat


Depnds on the brat. Mass produced ones like Johnsonville need more topings…

usually…kraut, onions, thick crunchy grainy mustard.

Sometimes…just ketchup…


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We have a couple of small meat shops that blend and stuff their own… Wild rice brats… Using river rice… Just my fav!!
As far as knowing a hot horsey… When the, what would you call it, spice? heat?, whatever it’s called… when it gets right up your eye brows and then the snot locker lets loose… :heart_eyes: Sneezles61

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