Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel Ball............Valves

I’m a moron edition # 67. I got a 10.5 gallon SS brew pot and as a guy I said “I don’t need no stinkin ball valve”. Two brews in, I need a ball valve. I can go to Menards or home depot and get the parts for Brass or run down to NB and get Bronze or SS. Any opinions on merits and failings of each?

Go stainless if you can afford it. If you choose brass, do a search for “pickling brass” to get rid of the lead.

I use both, I have brass on my mash tun and SS on my kettles. I would opt for NB since they’ll have the weld-less kit whereas you’ll have to wing it at the home center and may have to make a trip or 2 back.

Any experience adding your own valve to a Stainless Steele Kettle? I don’t want to wreck a kettle when I try to drill a hole in it. I know Step drill bit, go slow, and lubricate with cutting oil. Any advice from past experience is appreciated. Thanks.

Cut the hole on the lowest flat section just above the skirt (if it’s not flat, you won’t get a seal) and make sure it’s not located above any vent holes. In order to ensure a better seal, I cut the holes one step smaller than suggested (think I did 11/16ths) and then slowly widened the holes with a knurled bit to the point that the connector would just fit through. Do not crank down on the valve when tightening or you’ll crush and torque the silicon ring, just get it snug. Then test the seal with a few gallons of boiling water and watch for drips, tighten only as much as you need to get it to stop.

Thank you, I’m kicking myself, because John at NB Milwaukee tried talking me into the valved pot when I purchased this one, but nooooooooooooooo I knew better.

The kegs and pots drill easy…They are usually 321 or 304 Stainless alloys, both easy to machine!