Brand new bottles do i need to soak in pbw

or just soak in star san and then after they are used pbw and star san or just rinse out and star san before next batch

I only ever use starsan for my bottles, even if they’re used bottles that I’ve rinsed. I suppose I might be flirting with disaster, but I haven’t had a problem yet. Granted, I only started brewing about a year ago, and have only made about 15 batches (2 of which are still aging).

When I’ve purchased bottles…All I’ve done is given them a visual inspection and rinsed them out before sanitizing.
For bottles that I’ve drank from or poured from, a good rinse with some hot water is all that’s needed before sanitizing.

The only bottles that I’ve ever “had” to soak in PBW were the ones that I’d gotten from friends…never rinsed out and tossed in a box for months(nasty)

I just discovered a few of my own that were never rinsed before I stored them…nasty indeed. I rinsed and soaked them for a couple hours in hot water, but there was still a little residue…I re-rinsed and let them sit overnight…we’ll see. I suspect PBR is in the future for those bad boys.

thanks going to bottle right now.

My procedure:
A) new commercial bottles get a soak in OxiClean or PBW to remove the label, then thoroughly rinsed.
B) any bottles that friends have given me always get a soak in OxiClean or PBW, and then rinsed
C) already de-labled, freshly poured bottles get a thorough rinse with hot water

On brew day, 5-6 shots of Star San using the Vinator.

I’ve never purchased bottles from a homebrew shop, but I would think you’re fine to simply sanitize them.