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Boulevard 80 Acre Hoppy Wheat

Just had my first bottle of this. I’m not a huge fan of wheat beers but I like this. It’s filtered and pretty clear; no yeast at the bottom of the bottle to swirl up like Boulevard’s Unfiltered Wheat. Not much bitterness but there’s a fair amount of hop flavor and aroma. Cascade for sure and something else I’m not sure about. Citra, maybe? It works pretty well, I think. I will definitely buy more of it and will try to brew something similar, too. :cheers:

Yes, this is an excellent wheat. I too don’t normally like them. In April I spoke to the brewer that designed and honed the recipe. He said the aroma hops are 100% Cascade. I swear I taste Citra, though.

I first tasted this at the brewery in early 2011 as a test batch. I liked it so much it inspired me to invent my own hoppy wheat while I waited for them to package theirs for retail distribution. I’ve had fun with an all Glacier batch and an all Citra batch. The Glacier brew was not as aromatic as the Citra, but it had a distinct peach flavor that was quite nice.

At a recent beerfest I had a strongish (6.8%) wheat beer with 30 IBUs of Falconers flight that was pretty good.

I like the 80 Acre as well. Hoppy beers aren’t usually my favorite if I’m looking for a session beer, but since it has more hop aroma than actual bitterness I could drink this all night. I have, in fact.

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