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Bought the Wrong Yeast

So, I was at the LHBS yesterday and on a whim picked up some yeast that wasn’t on the shopping list. I had intended to buy something close to 1450, but I wasn’t thinking and pulled up the wrong thread. In the end, I came home with WLP530, an Abbey yeast. I even read “Abbey Yeast” on the label and it just didn’t register.

Anyway, it’s totally conceivable that I’ll use it at some point, but not for at least 6 weeks, which is probably the soonest the Belgian Dubbel I’m about to brew will be ready (using Wyeast 3787 for that). I want to taste that to see if any adjustments are required before brewing the next round.

My question is, should I exchange the yeast for what I intended to get, use it for a non-Belgian brown ale I’m planning for the near future, or will it be fine in the fridge for possibly a couple months?

If they let you trade it in I’d just say do that, seems like the easiest solution but if you want to save it it should work if you make a starter later.

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