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Bottling too early?

I am curious if I am jumping the gun too quickly on bottling my IPA? I am trying to get this one carbonated by Christmas for quests. It sat in the primary for 16 days and then was racked over to an ounce of centennial for 5 more days. The gravity sample at racking was amazing! I just figure that it can continue to condition and carbonate for the next 7 days. Anyone see any reason to not bottle it today?

What’s the gravity? Has it been the same for the last few days?

As long as it’s done fermenting it sounds like it is ready to bottle.

Gravity went from 1.058 to 1.012 and is holding.

I say go for it.

It will be pushing it to have these bottle carb in one week

Bottling now is fine, but the bigger concern for me is will to be ready to drink? Having it carb in a week is a little fast but can be done. Try to keep them at warmer temps, maybe low to mid 70’s if possible. Still may be a little green too. I’ve noticed my IPS’s take a little more time to condition than some other styles.

I totally agree that it will still be a little green…but it was amazing a week ago…it will get better. I don’t expect full carbonation…just a couple of bubbles for sampling is all I hope for.

I never have rushed a beer before…I don’t know why I am this time…holiday pressure I suppose.

Beware, wishing for carbonation slows its progress every time.

Kind of like the “watched pot never boiling” routine? :cheers:

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