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Bottling red beer anyone tried it?

Hi all,

I’ve been brewing off and on for a few years now. I’ve always found the Northern Brewer beer kits to produce a good tasting finished product. I recently purchased cream ale kit and am thinking about trying to bottle it with Clamato juice/additional spices already mixed in. Kind of like what Bud Light does with their Chelada line up.

My biggest concern is making sure the clam juice in the Clamato doesn’t go bad since that could make you pretty sick. Has anyone tried this type of bottling or tried bottling regular tomato juice? Is there really anything to be concerned about if I just make sure the outside of the Clamato container is sanitized and just pour it into the batch right before bottling? I haven’t been able to find much information on doing something like this. Any tips would be appreciated.

I wouldn’t risk it but mix on demand like a fine beer cocktail. There is a reason you don’t see many beverages with meat in them. I did have some cobra wine, with snake in the bottle, that was possible the worst thing I’ve ever tried.

Sounds gross

Clam guts… Clam butts and clam nuts… :unamused: Really? Sneezles61

Lots of salt in Clamato. I like it to make bloody Caesars. I would just add it to your beer in a glass because bottling it together might knock down the carbonation and I also would be concerned about what happens after opening the Clamato and having it warm for extended periods.

I don’t have a bottle on hand to check the ingredients but I would check for preservatives that might kill your yeast and prevent carbonation.


I worked for the company that makes clamato. The ingredients that go into are in no way raw and you wouldn’t get sick from them. Plus its heated to pasteurization temperatures. After that nothing matters really


Back in my bartending days, we referred to a light beer and Clamato as chicken in a biscuit.

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