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Bottling off the tap

I tried this technique that @muellerbrau posted without much luck using a standard tap. Works great using the forward sealing faucets. I have the intertap brand and highly recommend

I bottle solely like this now… BUT… I didn’t get the taps you could remove the end and install the bottling attachment… So by the time I put the 1/2" silicone tubing on it… It does not fit in a beer bottle… I use a picnic tap. A 3/8" tubing fits! I do turn down the pressure and it doesnt foam much then… Sneezles61

I was using the screw on tube but I just tried it directly to the bottle worked like a charm. I do have the gas turned off


I do the same- turn the gas off and bleed down the keg. Use a picnic tap with a foot long piece of tubing. You can vary the flow by holding the bottle higher and lower.

Do you have intertap? Found the link had to dig for it


SERIOUSLY!!! I hope I spelt it rite… That took alot of time… But, ifn you aint got stuff to do… should work just fine… Sneezles61

Might wort a try. For my daughter. Her home

I have flow control on my perlick’s so I don’t even have to drop the CO2 pressure, I just turn down the valve on the tap. Bottles off perfectly with no extra hardware. That being said I have yet to do a full case of bottles this way, but it works very well for taking a few bottles to share.



I taken to turning the gas off for serving then recharge the tank as it drops. So i think as it gets low I’ll just fill a few bottles to store and then I’ll have them ready. I usually bottle up the last 10 or 12 anyway so that will be done. Saves time in the long run and gas also. I looked at flow control taps and wasn’t convinced they had much of a purpose

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You might have a point Brew Cat… I haven’t done that for so long… turning the gas off until it wont hardly trickle… Sneezles61

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