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Bottling in plastic soda bottles

I just stumbled upon a post that mentions using plastic soda bottles instead of the traditional beer bottle. What do I need to know if I want to try this? THANKS

Fill them like you would any other bottle. Squeeze the remaining air out and cap them. You’ll know when they are carbed because the bottle will be hard.

I have used unflavored seltzer bottles many times. Great for travel since you can’t break them. I fill them from the tap for short term use also.

I agree only for short term. Check the code on the bottom of the bottle it’s a triangle with a number. #2 is safe to reuse #1 is not recommended.

i have a belgian tripel in plastic soda bottles currently 8 months old, tastes great and getting better so I’m not sure what you mean by short term. I love the other good things about plastic in the above posts and one other thing is that they can handle higher carb levels than standard glass…i.e - 3.5 volumes for my tripel.

Its not the taste I’m worried about. Its the chemicals released by the plastics.

does beer make the bottles release a chemical that soda does not? Not trying to be a smart aleck or anything, I just don’t know and it doesn’t make sense that it’s ok to drink soda and water out of plastic but not beer.

I’m not sure why but the soft plastic soda bottles that are #1 say not to reuse but the #2 are safe to reuse. Maybe it has something to do either being exposed to the air after opening. Not worth taking chances for me anyway.

I’ve done this many times, and it works great. But remember that soda bottles are clear, and will not protect the beer against skunking.

Growlers are not available in Finland, but around Christmas time you can buy holiday beers in large growler sized plastic bottles. Made from dark plastic, not sure what resin. I’ll take a look at one some time and see what the recycle code is.

This would probably be the best bet for anyone wanting to depart from glass bottles: ... of-24.html

Using the plastic soda bottles is a great way to share your homebrews…and not lose any of your glass bottles. I’ve done this before when I know in advance I’m going to be giving away some samples. It’s not as pretty, but it’s less expensive then giving away the glass bottles. Remember…brew,SHARE,and enjoy

You won’t find soda bottles with a #2 on the bottom (it’s used for milk jugs and is opaque) - #1 is PET and it’s the same clear, hard but flexible plastic used in the Better Bottles. PET is food-safe and will not impart any flavors or leech any chemicals into your beer. I’ve done long-term experiments with oxidation of plastic-bottle-carbonated beer and there was no noticeable off-flavor for at least three months if kept cold after carbonated.

No problem using soda bottles, however you will get more oxidisation than glass bottles. This most likely won’t be an issue, however, unless you are keeping them 12months+.

Never done this myself, but I’ve heard people bottling stouts and other black styles in coke bottles, then happily consuming the contents in environments where coke is acceptable but beer is frowned upon. Beaches and parks and parades and such. Not recommending; just sayin’

I tryed this once. Had 34 bottles blow up in the garage.

[quote=“DHR”]I tryed this once. Had 34 bottles blow up in the garage.[/quote]Did you use Ozarka water bottles or something similarly thin and not designed to hold carbonation? Club soda is carbed higher than beer so those bottles won’t break unless you seriously over-prime.

Lol i sure did use thin water bottles. I thought myself rather smart at the time until the a early morning hour lol. Lesson learned. :?

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