Bottling in longneck vs "stubby" bottles

Do longneck bottles need more priming sugar than “stubby” bottles? I recently bottled about 50 bottles of a double IPA I brewed and used 3 12 packs of longneck bottles and 2 6 packs and a couple of stubby neck bottles. I opened the stubby ones first and they were perfectly carbonated, but when I got the the longneck bottles, the ones I’ve opened have all been flat or barely carbonated. I added the boiled priming sugar to my bottling bucket first and then racked the beer on top. I even stirred gently before bottling to make sure it was mixed in well before I started bottling. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. The beer tastes great, but the last 5-6 have been flat :frowning: . Also, is there anything I can to to at this point?

Huh… first time I’ve heard of that. Did you stir in the middle of bottling? Maybe do all the stubs first, then the talls? Store the cases on shelves with a temp variation? Are the caps well crimped on the longnecks?

Believe it or not, lambic is often bottle conditioned on its side because it carbs faster in that orientation than upright. I’m not sure I believe that, but people smarter than me say it’s so. So assuming this is true, it follows that a grenade bottle would carb a little quicker than a longneck.

Keg and then, bottle, thats whats next… Sneezles61

Ever tried kegging to 5-6 volumes CO2? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Personally, I’m not as thrilled bottling in stubbies vs. ‘normal’ 12 oz. bottles. The stubbies (Sierra Nevada mostly)seem to be a little more difficult getting the caps on securely, and the necks seem to break easier.
But, I’ve never experienced any difference in amount or timing of carbonation.
I’m suspecting an incomplete mixing of the priming solution. I generally give the bucket a gentle stir between each 12 bottles or so, just to make sure my mix stays consistent.

I usually do run my brews at a higher CO2, almost like Duvel… I just like my beer with lots of bubbles!! So, kegging is how I can adjust for that… 5-6, isn’t that just a foamy gusher? :open_mouth: Sneezles61

I have two cappers and neither works with the shorter lip bottles like lagunitas…but works fine with longer lips on Sierra Nevada…although I’m not 100% confident in them so I give them away :smile: