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Bottling in 22 Oz bottles

What adjustments do I need to make assuming I’ll follow kit exactly?

If you use a bottling bucket and priming sugar calculator then it won’t matter what bottles you use. The bottle filler/wand displaces a correct amount regardless of depth. I typically use many different bottle sizes in a given batch and have yet to encounter any issues. When using the priming calculator use the highest temperature reached during fermentation instead of the current temp at bottling

If your kit comes with some kind of priming tablets the I would simply double whatever the amount is for a 12oz bottle. The small difference between two 12s and one 22 shouldn’t make much difference.

It’s in a package. 5 Oz I think.

Probably 5 ounces of corn sugar or cane, doesn’t really matter. Use as per usual, as @squeegeethree mentioned size of bottle matters not…I often use as many 22 ounce bombers as I can with a few 12 ouncers and a few odd size bottles I’ve somehow gathered.

Good deal thanks!

Ditch the corn sugar and use 1 and 1/4 cup of dry light malt extract in 2 cups of water for your priming syrup instead. Bring it to a boil and add it to the bottling bucket before bottling. I always wondered why anyone would want to spoil a perfectly good batch of beer with corn sugar…

I don’t bottle anything anymore but when I did I used all sizes of bottles. Flip top bottles are great with the ceramic top but stay away from the green ones. And keep your bottles out of the light once filled.

It’s so little sugar per bottle you cannot tell the difference IMO between any of the sources of sugar. I’ve tried them all.


This golden oldie thread might make you reconsider…or not.

Edit: To clarify, I believe corn (or cane) sugar is absolutely fine.

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I’m not putting any corn sugar in any of my beers. Of course I now keg but I still prime my kegs. For doing that I use half the amount of dry malt extract or 5/8 C. in one cup of water.

If light DME works just as well or better then why not use it? I don’t get the love affair with corn sugar. It is no better. I would rather have that all malt label unless I am doing an Apricot Honey Ale or something similar. Honey is my adjunct of choice when going for a lighter body and more alcohol.

It’s a matter of personal preference. If someone wants to use corn sugar, then so be it. If someone wants to use DME, more power to them. The end result is nearly indistinguishable.

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I actually think I get better carbonation by using malt extract. It does work great for priming a keg as well.

Each to his own…

I’ve heard people feel the co2 bubbles are smaller or perceived that way. The thing about sugar is it will completely ferment. Malt extract will leave residual sugar behind so if anything leave a taste it would be DME. For an ale probably fine for a lager I work hard to get a clear clean product is use sugar


By the way I’ve used both.

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Yup brew_cat I get that. I do mostly ales but have dabbled with using Saflager S-23 yeast as well. I have noticed smaller bubbles when priming with malt extract.

Right now I am very happy that I switched from force carbonation to priming my kegs. I just get better and more consistent carbonation and I save on CO2…

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