Bottling from the keg

I’d like to add a little experience I just add bottling from the keg. I’m not talking about a beergun or counter pressure filler, just a piece of hose pushed onto the beer faucet and into the bottom of the bottle. I always had a mess. Beer spilled and wasted. Sometimes 2 or more inches of foam. Then after all the trouble the beer would be flat.

So anyhow last week I got a couple of Perlick flow control faucets that were on sale at morebeer. The reason I swayed toward the flow control is one person reviewed them and said they were perfect for bottling. Well how cool is this, now I can pour over carbed beer into a bottle or growler with zero foam. All you need to do is slow the flow down.

Just wanted to share my experience.


That’s great news for people who bottle like that. They may be worth the extra expense for the peace of mind. Those faucets are also great for people who like to keg Belgian or wheat beers that call for a higher volume of CO2.

In any case I find it’s a good idea to freeze the bottles first. The beer won’t hit ambient temp bottles and discharge the co2. Purge the bottle with co2 first if you can rig up a disconnect and tubing with the guts removed so the air flows straight through. Lower the tank psi after turning off the valve and reset at about 1-3 psi and turn back on.