Bottling cold beer

I had a wheat beer cold crashing in my fridg i pulled it out and bottled with corn sugar was going to keg but decided to bottle. Will bottling cold beer 48 to 50 degrees be a problem

I think an ale yeast, it will need to be brought up to room temp to allow a small ferment in the bottle fer carbonation…. 2 weeks, chill then serve. Sneezles61

Bottling at that temp will be fine but you will need to raise it to room temps to get it to fully carb for a couple weeks.

Thanks for the reply we will just have to wait it out it will be cellared for 2 to 3 weeks as Sneezles said i hope there was enough yeast in suspension to carb the bottles. If it doesnt carb up i will uncap and keg as originaly planned :cheers:

Unless you’ve had it aging for an extended period of time, like 6 months or longer, there will always be enough yeast in suspension to carbonate your beer. :cheers:

Last winter I did a bock that I lagered in my garage for 3 months. At one point it froze in the carboy.
When I bottled it I was going to add a little yeast but forgot. It carbed up normally. Moral of the story- those little yeast buggers are hardy beasts and sure do stay in suspension for a long time.
So Bart- I predict your wheat will carb up nicely.