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Bottling an Oktoberfest Lager


I have made two lagers - the first I kegged with no issues but the second one I planned to bottle this weekend. Here’s the catch - I have had this lagering at 35 degrees for over 8 months. I’ve read a few threads that recommended adding some dry yeast before bottling. I’m looking for advice here:

  1. I have a spare packet of ale yeast (05) - could that be used or will it mess up the flavor?

  2. How much should be used and when/how should it be added? To carboy? To bottling bucket?

  3. Is this even a necessary step? I don’t want to end up with flat beer.

I would really like to bottle this one but will keg it if there is a chance of messing this up by bottling it.

All advice/recommendations are appreciated!


Disclaimer: I have never made a lager or aged a beer that long, but I have read several threads about this and I did stayed at a holiday inn last night.

If I wanted to bottle, I would get a packet of 34/70 rehydrate and pitch half into the bottling bucket.

I agree with half a pack of 34/70. The US-05 will also work fine if you don’t feel like running to the store.

Thanks guys - I can run to the store for some lager yeast. Question though - will the yeast add noticeable sediment to the bottles when serving?

Yes, have you thought about kegging then bottling of your keg?

It will add a small layer of sediment. Just be careful when pouring to leave a half inch of liquid in the bottle and you’ll be fine. Also… make sure you bottle condition at room temperature for 3-4 weeks before chilling. If you try carbonating at cool 40-50 degree temperatures, it will take forever to carbonate.

You could add the yeast a week or two before bottling which would give time for a lot of it to drop, but still leave some for carbonation.

Thanks everyone. I actually had a Dunkel kit on standby that has the yeast I need so I’m going to steal that one and replace it when I’m ready to brew the Dunkel. I’m bottling tomorrow so I’ll just have to be careful with the pour…

Looks like I’m a little late since you probably bottled this past weekend, but my 2cents is to use 1/4-1/2 pkt. of the US-05. You were planning on bottle conditioning in the 70’s right? An ale yeast would like that temp. better than a lager yeast. No, it won’t add any flavor notes at this point. Last March I bottled a 9% Dopplebock and a 9.0% Belgian Triple. The bock had been lagering at temps around freezing for 4 months and the Triple cold conditioned in the 40’s for 2 months. I used 1/4 pkt of Munton’s cheapo yeast I had sitting around from a kit about a year old. Both carbonated well. I rehydrated the yeast and added to my priming solution when it cooled down.

If you continue to bottle condition lagers I would do so before layering away. No reason to lager first since the main reason of layering is to get the beer to clear and smooth out. Next time bottle condition then lager away.

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