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Bottling a stout?

New member here, working on my third batch of brew. I chose the chocholate milk stout this time around, and wondered what it would drink like coming out of a bottle rather than make the investment in nitro kegging. In the future i’d like to do some kegging, but at this point i dont think its quite time for that step. Should i save the stouts for later? Maybe stick to the more standard stuff for now?


Stouts are delicious straight from the bottle. nitro is over-rated, imo. :wink:


I brew stouts all the time and don’t have a nitro setup.

Same here. If I want the cascade effect and the lower carbonation that I feel is proper for most stouts, I dispense from the keg at higher pressure. The result is practically identical to a nitro mix dispense.

My first brew ever was that same stout. Bottled like the directions state.

I don’t get a killer head like you see on a Guinness at the pub but I do get a great beer and that’s what I care about. How it hits my taste buds. I will say this - I’ve found that the longer it ages - the more mellow and well rounded it got. I bottled it last November 1. Have some still around here now and it’s amazingly good.

Thanks a bunch guys!

I’ve had success with the “Guinness syringe” method Denny’s mentioned before, such as here:

I use a plastic syringe that came with my turkey fryer; works great, but it foams up like crazy, so stick to a big glass (or just take it easier than I do).

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