Someone gave me a case of Sam Adams bottles. They’re very clean and I plan on using them in the future. Are those general commercial bottles acceptable to use? I Someone mentioned that they bottle caps don’t always seal correctly on them. Is that true? I really don’t want to pay for new ones to be shipped.

I have a lot of Sam Adams bottles and I’ve never had an issue with the caps sealing.

I’ve used a ton of Sam Adams bottles. They work great and the beer in 'em ain’t so bad.


Sam Adams is fine. The only ones you can’t use are the ones with the twist off caps.

ok, thanks.
I’ve accumulated 6 cases for free of various Non-Twist Off bottles. Soaked them all in Oxyclean for several days, hand brushed the inside of each one, and thoroughly rinsed them 1 at a time. After all that, If I couldn’t use them, I would’ve been disgusted.

The caps fit when Sam’s beer was in them, didn’t it? Then your own caps should work out perfectly fine.

Sam bottles have also been pressure tested for you. I’ve bought a number of cases of new bottles from NB and the LHBS and in all of those had one bad one that popped on the first batch.

The only bottles you occassionally have to worry are some European bottles use the 29mm tops, but all US microbrew bottles are ok.